Printing from exernal hard drive


Nov 1, 2012
I recently stored discs used for crafts onto an external hard drive to save space on my PC. My printer is connected to my PC via a wireless connection but, when I try to send projects from the external hard drive to the printer it doesn't work. Do I need to adjust settings so that the printer will accept print jobs from both location?
The external hard-drive is connected to your computer, so anything you print from there is the same as printing anything from the computer. It would be like asking if you need to cook the chicken you have in the fridge any differently than one you have on the counter, it's the same thing, just stored in a different place.

You need to look at exactly how you print and what happens when you print. "Doesn't Work" is not a good description of the problem, need to add details, error messages, what other printing you tried that worked, what printer shows up when you try to print, do other things from this program work?

When you say you "stored disks" on the drive, did you move the program to the external drive? Is the issue that the program is not working properly now? Or did you just move the files you created to the drive?