Prioritise home network?


Nov 19, 2013
Hi,i would like to know how to prioritise my network at home.The reason I ask is because my brother when he plays on his PS4.It eats a lot of bandwidth and it is affecting the overall performance of the ADSL broadband internet in my home.I have been throttled twice in a row for the same reason.I have an uncapped account so it throttles when I reach the threshold bandwith for the month.Can you please give me some advice,thanks.
Video, Gaming, browsing/email etc is the data priority.

Now gaming itself, does not eat a lot of bandwidth, it's all the downloads that come with from Stream etc that eat bandwidth, unless your monthly upload cap is rubbish.

If you want to stop him hitting caps, you will need to apply QOS of some sort and assign it to his static IP or MAC, DHCP IP does not work.