Prison Inmates Used DIY Computers To Hack Prison Network

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"Even with the total lack of supervision, it's amazing that the inmates involved were smart enough to assemble two working computers from scraps, transport the computers 1,100 feet across prison grounds through at least one security check point, and travel up an elevator where they eventually hid the computers in the ceiling of a training room."

I know a guy who worked as a state penitentiary officer for a few years. Never, EVER underestimate what the human mind is capable of when confined and bored with a lot of free time. They can make lethal weapons out of seemingly nothing. Once an inmate made a blow gun out of toilet paper and cardboard that could break plexiglass in velocity - with pebbles picked up from the yard and formed into a bullet-like shape. You don't give them any opportunities.

The fact that these inmates were given free access to PC parts that were not kept track of is beyond pathetic. It's almost as if the prison staff were intentionally aiding and abetting the inmates! I'd like to know what those two were in there for. I'm sure it's public information.


Nov 2, 2016
Very impressive on the part of the inmates that were able to do this. Thinking that if they took that knowledge and determination and applied it towards something productive (legally productive) they could do very well. On the other hand, thinking that I would be very embarrassed if I were in charge of the inmates.
My wife has a brother in a state penitentiary and they are allowing them (minimum security) to get i-pads to do skype and e-mail, etc.... I wonder how long that will last before some A-hole does something stupid and messes it up for everyone.


Mar 6, 2010
Not surprising. We don't know what these inmates are in for. They could have been skilled in IT from the start. Plus prison inmates can earn college degrees in prison with the training materials provided to them. From the report it seems that desspite the gross negligence of prison staff, they were not able to do much of anything before being caught. So kudos to the IT staff, supervision - not so much.
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