Pro Gaming is cheap, Tuf is reliable, what is Tuf Pro Gaming?

What model TUF boards, specifically?

I don't think the TUF line meant anything about processing performance, I think it was established to denote a board where they used better grade of components for durability. Components like capacitors and FET's that used to pop and blow like crazy. But that doesn't seem to be the case, at least with their Ryzen TUF boards according to what people are saying.
Nov 30, 2018
I would like something durable for rendering, something that can handle rendering for a day or two. Tuf would be a good choice, because it is supposed to be strong. But Pro Gaming, based on it's description, is not good for long use. So what would Tuf Pro gaming be like? Would it still be durable like Tuf, or be bad? :/

Is Tuf Pro Gaming Z390 a good, durable motherboard for 3D rendering? Rendering that could go on for a day, or days?

I can't say about Z390 boards in particular, but most boards today are being built with better components and that may be why the 'TUF' line isn't as meaningful of a differentiator. Just set it up for reasonable temperatures under the rendering load and it should last a long time.

I think Gaming is the thing you got to do to get attention in the market place for consumer boards. It usually comes with color schemes and bling, including RGB nonsense that just adds cost I'd rather avoid, but doesn't mean it uses cheap components per se.