Oct 2, 2003
Hello all!
Im in the process of buying a new graphic card and I am wondering if you could give me an advice. Im currently considering to cards:

Ati radeon 9600 Pro card:
Pixel Fillrate (Gpixels/sec) 1.6
engine clock 400
memory clock 600

Ati radeon 9600 card:
Pixel Fillrate (Gpixels/sec) 1.3
engine clock 325
memory clock 400

They cost about the same and I would like some input, should I go for more mb or higher speed?

Best regards from me, hope you can explain why I should go for one over the other.....


Dec 30, 2001
First of all, I would definitely go with the 9600 Pro

Second of all, what is the brand(s) of the cards your looking at?

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I play the latest games on an old 32MB card. 64MB is enough to play them well. 128MB is enough to play them EXTREMELY well. 256MB has little to no advantage over 128MB at this time, and the 9600 Pro is a far better card than the 9600.

In fact, what those number DON'T show is the memory interface. I believe the Pro has a 256-bit memory interface, while the standard card is 128. That would give the card twice the memory bandwidth, a huge performance advantage.

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All Radeon 9600's (PRO or non-pro) have a 128 bit memory interface.

The 9600 PRO is way faster because the core and memory clocks are so high. It's definitely the way to go.

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