Pro workstation 5100



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Was given a load of these a few months ago.

Got most up and running, 98SE on most.

Mix of 266 single /dual upto 333 single.
Most have matrix gfx cards and 2 have GLoria.

mix of 2.1 and 4 gb hd drives

av 128mb ram but one has 256. i belive that to be the max

Checked out google.......

Is there any pros and cons with these machines? im quite happy with them,
seem stable, i cant find the driver for the Advanced power management
support (what ever that is!)

I looked under the lids, seem to vary between 97 and 98. and one says i can
goto around 500mhz cpu, forget exactly and that machine is at the bottom of
the pile!

Damn big and heavy, well built things.

Im sticking linux on a couple in the near future .

Wonderd whats teh GLoria card good for? the Matrox are only 4mb.