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Question [Probably the weirdest error and the first person to encounter this] PC freezes whenever connected to Internet on Windows 10


Aug 2, 2018
  • If I had Windows Defender on while connected to internet, my PC freezes, I can't move my mouse, alt + tab, Ctrl + alt + del or even windows + Ctrl + shift + B doesn't work, it just freezes.
  • For almost a week, I had to race to turn off the internet before it connects or Windows Defender started, 1 out of 2 must be disabled.
  • I tried to turn off Windows Defender in Edit Group Policy but it gets stuck on getting info something... And when I turn my Wifi back on, it freezes.
  • So frustrating, I formatted and reinstalled Windows 10, my PC froze on setup after connected to the Internet for like 5 seconds. No matter what I tried, I can't fix this, I'm so desperate right now.
My system in case you need:
B450m pro4f
R5 2600
Samsung 970 evo+ 500gb
Wifi adapter: Intel AC7260
16gb 2x8 Corsair vengeance rgb
I plug quite alot of usb devices on the back panel
The whole thing started since I opened my case while the PC was running to help my friend on cable managing so I think the Chassis model would make some use too : Xigmatek Nemesis Black.
Thank you and have a nice weekend.