Problem Accessing a Certain Website


Jul 6, 2012

Thank you for taking a look at this, i am having a strange issue with accessing a website from our network. This website is used by several staff throughout the day and is running very slow or sometimes coming to a halt. Other websites are fine and no problems at all so cannot be the connection.

Now you would think this would suggest the website however when this website is accessed from home or another internet connection it runs absolutely fine. It is just when using the website in the office the problems happens so is really confusing me.

I have tried to ping the server IP from in the office where the problems are occurring but is coming back saying no packets lost?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated on this one as it is driving me insane.

It could still be the server.

If you have many people using it through a router then the website sees many connections from the same IP address. Some servers throttle the number of connections from a single IP address to avoid denial of service attacks.