Problem booting CPU after cleaning heatsink and reapplying thermal paste.

Dec 30, 2018
Hello everyone, hardware noob here.

For the past few months, my pc would freeze when I began to do anything more intensive on the system. When I turn the pc off and on, the bios gives me a message that there was a "CPU Over Temperature Error!" This past week, it had become very frequent so my friends had recommended me to reapply thermal paste and clean out my heatsink. I figured that would be easy enough. Today, I went out and purchased some Thermaltake TG-7 thermal grease. I then removed my CPU fan, cleaned the heatsink, and reapplied the thermal paste (Everything was done according to this video http:// )

After doing all that, I plugged in the power supply and tried to boot it up, only to have nothing happen. Looking inside the case, the motherboard's (ASUS Maximus VII Formula Series) Start and Restart buttons light up, but nothing else seems to happen. I'm pretty sure everything is plugged in, but I'm not exactly 100% sure. I'm sure I left out lots of details, so if more information is needed I'll try to provide.

Thanks so much

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