Question Problem Check before Upgrade

Apr 1, 2023
So I've got a bit of an outdated system.
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z97P-D3
Processor: i5-4590 3.3GHz (4 CPUs)
Memory: 4x 4GB DDR3
500GB SSD for OS and main programs, 2TB and 1TB HDDs for storage.

I'm planning to upgrade to an i7-11700KF and an Asrock H570 with T-Create Classic 32GB DDR4 RAM but before I do, I want to check.
I've been having a problem the past few months where the computer will have some odd startup issue. Press the power button, things come on in the case, there are the usual whirs I associate with startup, but no light on the keyboard and nothing on the display, just black screen with an amber light. Pressing the power button again causes an immediate shutdown as if it's getting stuck somewhere in startup. If I try this a few times eventually it gets it and starts up normally. It does this with two different GPUs and PSUs so I'm fairly confident it's not those, hence my current plan to upgrade Mobo, CPU and memory since swapping one necessitates updating the others.

I'm just wanting to confirm if anyone here would be sure if this is a CPU/Mobo problem or if there's something pointing elsewhere.


As old as the system is, it could be any factor of issues. I would suggest that if you are going to upgrade, and any of the original parts, or even aspects that haven't been replaced in the last year or two, not be used based on initial quality of course. Specifically, would be considering a new power supply in this instance.