Question Problem Configuring Mesh Network For Steam Streaming?


Aug 13, 2015
I recently purchased a Netgear Nighthawk x4s mesh extender so I could extend my wifi upstairs to my desktop and stream my steam games downstairs (thanks to the extender's configuration setting for one wifi name).

Initially it worked perfectly, and I was able to stream downstairs exactly as i wanted. However, I'm now noticing an issue. I am now unable to stream my steam library downstairs. I checked my wifi settings for both machines, and both are still connected to the same network (mine is listed as "KirbRoy!"). However, on each machine the network name is followed by a number. The laptop shows "KirbRoy! 3" and the desktop is "KirbRoy! 2." These numbers only show when I hover the mouse over the taskbar icon, but when I open the network list "KirbRoy!" shows without any sort of number.

I'm wondering what has changed and, more specifically, what can I do to remedy the issue so that I can stream again?

Thanks so much to anybody who is able to help!