[SOLVED] PROBLEM : dram status in ez mode says 2133mhz ,while d.o.c.p is on , dram freq in ai tweaker is 3600mhz

Feb 1, 2021
im new to the pc world , this is my first build. so i replaced my ram b/c it wasnt on my motherboard qvl. i put them in the correct slots on the motherboard. when i go into bios with docp enabled, i see the dram status is still 2133mhz in ez mode but the ai tweaker says 3600mhz which is what the rated speed is . i tried manually enabling it , no help. HOWEVER , task manager, cpu z , and userbenchmark acknowledge that ram is at 3600mhz BUT hwinfo says it is at 2133mhz . i am using g skill trident z for asus b550m-a wifi , ryzen 7 3700x. chipset driver is up to date and so is the bios version.