Problem: I can't scan to my computer but I can print to the same printer on the network

Jan 10, 2019
Good Morning everyone.

Please I offer IT support for a small working environment., before I went there they scanned all documents to one of the users computer and he will print it out for them. he had a network issue with his computer and was unable to scan so I registered my computer on the canon printer and shared the scan folder so after scanning they can access it from their own computer. its been working for about 2 months but suddenly I coudn't scan to my computer anymore but can issue print command on that same printer and it works perfectly.

I have checked all the network drivers and all is working well. Due to that I decided to delete my scan account on the printer and re-register it again but during the registration, the printer cannot recognize my Username and Password for my computer which I enter correctly.

I also tried to register a new computer on it so we can scan to that computer but it still didn't recognize the credentials of that computer. please I need help.



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