Problem in GTX260 216SP on DirectX10 Games


Jun 7, 2009
Please help me!

I can't run DX10 games using 1440x900 resolution which is the native resolution of my 19inches wide screen LCD Monitor. Windows Vista x64 is suggesting 1600x1200 resolution is the best resolution for my desktop which is not. And so, I've opened Nvidia's Control panel and found out that there's no 1440x900 resolution. What I did is I've created a custom resolution 1440x900 with 60Hz frequency. It fixes my desktop area but not those DX10 Games. I've tried playing them in DX9 mode and i got the 1440x900. I've already updated my display driver several times, Geforce Forceware 185.85. What could be wrong? Do you think it is a defective card or a DX10 problem?

I got this problem when i upgraded my video card from Inno3d 9800gtx to Inno3d GTX260 216SP Gold OC edition.

I hope you can help as soon as possible. I'm really worried about this issue.

My rig's specs is as follow:
Intel Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz Processor
Gigabyte GA-N650i-DS4 Nvidia Chipset 650i SLI Motherboard
1x2gb Kingston DDR800 Memory
Inno3d 896MB GTX260 216SP 448bit Gold OC Edition Video Card
250GB Seagate SATA Hard Drive
Gigabyte Odin 800GT Pro Power Supply


May 17, 2009

:S ????

This doesnt seem right

it may be a defective card, i would contact wherever you bought it from or call the company manufacturer of the card and ask them

sorry i could be of any help, or much help

Uber :D