Problem in Vista with 1.40 GB file in MP4--Can't delete it or move it


Sep 20, 2008
Hi All,

I wonder if you can help me please.

I have this movie in mp4 format inside a folder, I can't not move it or rename or cut or delete soon as I do one of those operation it freezed.

I have also tried to reboot in safe mode, but no luck.

If I look into the properties of the movie's folder, it has the blue square on read only, If untick it and save it but still can't know delete it, and If check it again it stills has the read only blue square on.

I even tried with tune up 2010 shredder....but nothing.

I dont think it is a maliciuos file, as microsoft security essential and malwarebytes scanned as secure.

As soon as I touch this file the CPU goes to 100% as the fans too.

Please advise.



It sounds like something is locking the file, perhaps some sort of codec that
Windows is using to display the thumbnail for the file.

Try booting into safe mode (press F8 on your keyboard during start up and
select "Safe Mode") and remove it there. Alternatively, you can try this:

1. Hold down CTRL-SHIFT and tap ESC on your keyboard to display the Windows
Task Manager.
2. In the Processes tab, locate all instances of Explorer.exe and click on
"End Process". When the warning dialog appears, click on "End process".
3. In the Windows Task Manager window, click on "New Task (Run...)" and type
"cmd.exe", and then press OK.
4. In the command prompt window, type CD "%USERPROFILE%\Desktop"
5. Delete the MP4 file from within the command prompt window by using "DEL
/F <name of file>.mp4".
6. Close the Command Prompt window.
7. From the Task Manager window click on "New Task (Run...)" and type
"EXPLORER.EXE", and press Enter.


Install unlocker and delete them , that simple


Sep 20, 2008

I have use killbox software and I have managed to delete the file successfully .
Panic is over.

Thanks for your help anyway


Mar 18, 2012
It is very easy to delete mp4 files. First change the file name *.mp4 to *.txt, just start dos window and rename the files. after that you can delete it. Do you know why you can't delete the mp4 files from you computer? the right answer is that there are procedures running in your machine and they protected the files to be deleted. Actually, the files still in use or opened in other procedures.