Problem installing Detonator 3 12.41


Jun 14, 2001
I am having a bit of trouble installing the latest drivers for my NVIDIA TNT2 Ultra graphics card and was wondering if anyone out there could help me out. I currently have version 6.50 drivers installed and would like to update to 12.41. Unfortunately, NVIDIA did not include a README file with their driver files (once the file is unzipped), but their web site states that the 12.41 drivers are good for all TNT2 cards.

My system: Windows 98SE, 600 MHz processor, TNT2 Ultra card (32Mb) and 128 MB RAM

The problem:
Before installing the new drivers, I set my system to the standard PCI Graphics Adapter (VGA), and then try to install the new drivers. Everything works fine with the new driver installation until I get to the screen where it asks me “Display a list of all the drivers in a specific location”. I click “Have Disk”, browse until I find the folder where I downloaded the 12.41 drivers, and then click OK. The problem is that a window comes up asking me to select the appropriate card for the new drivers from a list. The list DOES NOT contain the TNT2 Ultra (it shows TNT2 Pro, M64, and the GE Force cards, but no Ultra). I clicked on TNT2 Pro as the closest thing to the Ultra but a screen came up telling me that this is not my card and that continuing is not recommended. Being the computer coward that I am, I discontinued and re-installed the 6.5 drivers.

The question:
Does anyone know which card I should be clicking on to get the 12.41 drivers to work with my TNT2 Ultra? Does it matter? Thanks very much in advance for any help.

Best wishes,


May 2, 2001
well i also have the same card and i selected TNT2 PRO from the list when windows asks you just click yes and after reboot your orignal ultra card will be displayed in properties\settings.I personally dont recommend 12.41 as my 3dmark score went down 238 points!!!!!!!these drivers are spcially written for P4 and Geforce3 cards thats why there is no Ultra mentioned.

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