Problem installing Vista won't finish expanding files

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Jan 22, 2008
I just purchased a new laptop this past weekend and installed Windows Vista Ultimate 64. It installed fine this weekend, took maybe 10-15 minutes. I installed all the updates upto SP1. After SP1 installed the system after it's reboot would crash and freeze up after reboot so I decided to format and start over. However this time I can't get Vista to install. The first time I let the system run for close to 36 hours and the "expanding files" portion got no further then 10%. I tried re-installing a second time and I'm currently at 13 hours and the system is only showing 8%. Whats going on!! It only took 15 minutes max the first time I installed this OS. I'm clueless and tried to google the subject and can't find alot of answers.

My system specs:
T9400 2.53Ghz Core 2 Duo
4 GB 1333Mhz RAM
(3) 320 GB 7200 rpm RAID 0

As you can see the system is far above the recommened system specs.
Not open for further replies.