Question Problem logging into router after setting it up as an AP

Stelios Giatrellis

Apr 10, 2015
Hello all,
So in my place I have a main modem/router, SPEEDPORT ENTRY 2i (Cosmote Carrier) where in some spots I have limited wifi coverage. I have a Netis WF 2419D router which I want to use it as an AP or repeater, both ways will do the job I believe. Those two routers have the same IP . I changed the IP on netis by setting and until that step I have no issues, I can log in, in both routers. The problem starts when I "tell" netis to connect wirelessly to the SPEEDPORT. When press save& reboot on netis, I can't log in to netis interface. Any thoughts?
So do you want to use it as a AP or a repeater they are not the same thing.

A AP is connected via a cable.
You can make any router be a AP. You have done the first step but be sure the IP is not in the range used by DHCP on the main router. Next you turn off the DHCP server and then connect to a LAN port to the main router.

Some routers that have a AP mode will allow you to use the WAN port instead and might turn off the DHCP for you.

When you run in repeater mode it is hard to say. Very technically a repeater does not exist in the wifi standard, at least the way they implement it. They all use the WDS field but the details of how you configure it vary a lot between routers.

It should in theory work the way you did it but since it doesn't there must be something strange about how they implement repeater mode. Does the manual talk about changing the IP address when you do this or maybe the router changes it to something else for you.