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Question [problem] no image, no boot and 1 bip long and after that 2 shorts

May 29, 2020
Hello :)

So I just bought a upgrade kit for my computer
In this one there was one mother board : Asus tuf b450-plus gaming
One cpu : amd ryzen 7 3700x
2 ram : 8gb each

I have already a power supply (vs450 Corsair ) SSD, hdd , an a graphic card (GTX 1060 6gb)

So I just changed the différents components of the computer but when I try to power it on the RGB light are on but the screen don't change and it just says no signal and there is 3 bip :1 long and 2 shorts.
I tried using an other graphic card or no graphic card but there was the same number of bip.

I don't really know what to do it may be because there is a bios update to do but I don't know how to do it if there is no screen .
Jun 22, 2020
I spent 2 days just trying to fix this problem. It all started when I was cleaning my pc. 1 long 2 short beeps. Then i tried everything I knew to fix it but nothing worked. Then i rampages through the internet. Tried every solutions I found nothing worked. Then removed the goku and reinstalled it 2-3 times,reinstalled cmos battery, rearranged every cable, unplugged and plugged every cable, removed and installed my rams. Still nothing worked. Then i saw something about this problem being related to ram. Then I cleaned and carefully placed my rams then the problem was gone but the there was no signal to the monitor I removed my latest ram and BOOM! My pc started normally. Who knew the problem was in the rams to begin with? Well at least I got my pc back!😆