Problem overclocking amd 1700x msi x370 gaming carbon pro trident z 2400

Nov 23, 2018
I have a problem overclocking. I was able to get a stable build previously but then all of sudden I installed MSI's Command center app and everything stopped working, i kept getting bad system configuration error with windows and it had to be reinstalled, I couldnt recover it.
Now my system seems to be entirely unable to even take CPU over clocks .

My first question is if I install chipset updates after the system has reset to default values in order to post, does that somehow send the configuration into conflicted modes and make it not post properly? Or overclocks?

My second question is, XMP should work, it doesn't. What should I do to the timings to make it work? It worked before with just changing the frequency but now nothing works.

My third question is what should the settings be for the CPU overclock?

My fourth question is, is my motherboard fried? I did a CMOS reset like a noob when the power was still plugged. Now when I do as simple of a thing as change game boost from on and off, it takes 4 restarts before it posts to default settings...

Research on this topic has been conflicting and unhelpful.

Thanks in advance


Wow that's unfortunate, we all mistakes :( where to start. I would get into BIOS and restore everything to default settings. forget about overclocking for now, I would reinstall windows just to see if I could achieve some sort of stability. If you can't even get the PC to boot properly I'd be more concerned about that. you didn't mention anything about performance, overclocking isn't working and it boots 4 times, after that are you able to get into windows? are you gaming as well? what is the current status of the PC as of right now?
Nov 23, 2018

Hello! and thank you for your response! You are right! It was not booting properly, that is where I should have started! And it turned out to be an easy fix:

I figured through a lot of trail and error that my ram was showing an installed 32gb but only using 16. I guess when I uninstalled MSI's Command Center, I got paranoid and re-set my ram improperly, ignoring the DIMM channel order. Attempts to repair windows ended up corrupting the OS.. It took me forever to realize that I had installed my ram in the wrong order: instead of setting them in the order 3-1-4-2, or DIMMA2 - DIMMB2, DIMMA1 - DIMMB1, I had put them back in the order 3-1-2-4, or DIMMA2 - DIMMB2, DIMMB1 - DIMMA1; placing the second ram in before the fourth from right to left.. In short, I didn't realize the mobo was so sensitive to the timing of installing the DDR4 modules! Yikes! :pfff:

Now, everything is working fine and I have been able to overclock my system to 3.9 gHz using the following settings:
ratio: 3.900
core: 1.3875 v
soc: 1.2 v

The ram is at a stable 2400mHz at 1.2 v

Cinebench r15 scores:
CPU: 1677
OpenGL: 94.77



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