[PROBLEM] Reboot and Select proper Boot device


May 12, 2012
I installed W7 on a 64gb SSD. I also had a 1.5 TB HD installed. Everything booted fine.

There's a problem with the 1.5 TB HD and I need to return it. However, when I take out the 1.5 TB hard drive and try to boot, it gives me "Reboot and Select proper Boot device or Insert Boot Media in selected Boot device and press a key".

It doesn't matter if I change the boot order or try to boot directly from the SSD. Same error.

I put the 1.5 TB HD back in and it works again...
That happened because you had your HDD connected when you installed Windows on your SSD. Windows installed the O/S on your SSD, but it also installed a system reserved partition on your HDD.

Backup any necessary data and perform a fresh Windows install on your SSD.
This time makes sure it's the only drive connected. After the install is complete you can then shut down and connect any remaining drives.