Question Problem recognizing ryzen 3600 with MSI B450M PRO-M2

Sep 20, 2019
These are my pc specs:
Amd Ryzen 5 3600.
Power Gigabyte P650B 80 Plus Bronce.
Gpu Nvidia Gtx 1050 ti Msi single fan.
Ssd (OS installed) crucial BX500 240 gb.
Kingston hyper x ddr4 3200 ram.
Motherboard Msi b450m pro m2.
OS windows 10.

This issue I took the whole pc:

So basically when I boot my pc (Most of the times) the motherboard light for the Cpu lights up and just stays like that for ever, i tried letting it run for almost an hour and nothing happened. (theres no video/image whatsoever). So when reboot the computer a couple times it boots up normally like nothing ever happened(i've accessed the BIOS but there seems to be no diference whatsoever).
After a couple days of dealing with this issue I the whole pc to the store in wich I bought the motherboard. There, i spoke with a technician and explained him the issue.
We proceded to boot the pc (booted it at least 15 times) but to no avail, the issue never happened.

After theorizing with a friend whatever ideas we could muster, i tried several things;
Changing the energy cable.
I changed the location of the computer and connected it to a different current intput.
Disarmed the pc and checked that everything was well connected.
Bought a hdmi to display port adapter.
But still, after all of this tries, the problem still persists.

PS: sometimes, after i turn off the pc, it just doesnt completely shuts down, the fans and the mouse stay on forever, wich calls to a forced shutdown.
PS.2: english its not my fisr language so please excuse any mistake, thanks in advance.



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