Question Problem reseting password on external Toshiba Canvio

Jan 16, 2020
I have an older 500 GB Toshiba Canvio that was used on a Windows 7 lenovo thinkpad to save old files.
I attempted to change the password to the Toshiba by using the "Password App" from Toshiba Security Software,
which supposedly resets the password to the FActory Reset password.

However now, the entire external Toshiba hard drive won't show up and won't connect at all.
Did I do something wrong by attempting to change the password or attempting the factory reset?
I still know the old password but just wanted to make a new password.

I had tried to use the Toshiba on a different win10 and different win7 computers but they also did not recognize the hard drive and old files.
Instead, the win10 asked me to Format and Initialize the computer.
I tried to do that but then it gave the error of Cyclic Redundancy Check Error.
So how should I solve the Cyclic Redundancy Check Error?
Should I try using CHKDSK?
Or is this a hardware issue because the Toshiba is 8 years old and worn out?
Did my attempt to change the password change the encryption or folder directory so that it is now more difficult for the OS to recognize
the formatted drive and old files?
I don't want to make it worse if it is a hardware problem, but I was hoping that maybe Chkdsk can fix it or maybe I need a new USB cable?

I've read other stories about the Toshiba Canvio only working on the Win7 and not working on the new win10 computers.

Phillip Corcoran

Cyclic Redundancy Check Error

This is an I/O error affecting connectivity -- either the drive has failed or the enclosure is faulty in my opinion.

Checkdisk won't fix it, nor can it if the drive isn't detected.

You could try a new USB cable, it's worth a try but I rather suspect it's the drive itself or it's enclosure that's the problem.
Jan 16, 2020
Ok, thanks. Its an external Toshiba canvio so how do I replace the enclosure since it already has an enclosure? Does the new enclosure go around the current extHDD or do I have to take apart the Canvio?

On the Win7, I tried to change the password, but might have done it incorrectly. What is the correct method to change a password on a Toshiba Canvio? I figured reseting the password to the factory reset would ask me to enter in a new password, but did it just encrypt all my old files and make them in accessible to the new password?