Question (Problem) Suddenly super slow fps with egpu 2080 ti on macbook pro mid 2017

Jul 11, 2019
if anyone has an idea i would be really greatful. I know my setup is bottlenecked by my cpu but until 1 month ago i had great fps in all games everything maxed out.

1 month ago that changed and i cant find the reason. Basically even in windows my fps are so bad that it takes some time to load stuff if i minimize maximize. If i play dota 2 i get under 30 fps.
The strange thing is even if i change my graphic settings to low it does only add like 4-8 fps.

I tried everything. DDU. New drivers, old drivers, reinstalling windows. Energy settings, nvidia settings, Bascially everything i could find online.

If i look at resource usage my cpu is under 30%, my graphic card shows at even 15%. Temperature basically does not move at all. My graphic card stays at around 56.

When i do unigine heaven benchmark it is only 1200 points. When i got this setup i had like 4800 points.

Strange thing. When i use Geeks3D GpuTest i actually get good numbers and the card really heats up.

It would be really great if anyone has any idea how to fix it.