Problem Updating Corsair Force 3 Firmware


Nov 19, 2011
Hello, my new SSD just came in the mail and I have it plugged in and I am trying to update the Firmware and I am using the Corsair Firmware Updater but when I click to update the Firmware on the drive it asks me to find the firmware in my files but I can not seem to find them. I have downloaded them from the Corsair website but I have been searching for 20 minutes and I can not seem to find the Firmware files. Can someone please help?
On Corsair’s Support Forum thread there are 2 links regarding firmware upgrade.
The 1st link is labeled "Sandforce Update Tool and .PDF Instructions".

From reading your post you obviously clicked on this link, and downloaded the .zip file, which contained the firmware updater and a .pdf file which has instructions on how to update the firmware.

Did you click on the 2nd link right below labeled "Force 3 5.02 Firmwares"?
This is the .zip file that contains the firmware files.

If you clicked on the 2nd link and downloaded the file it should be in the same location as the file you downloaded in the 1st link.

If you are using Windows 7 then the default location Windows uses for file downloads is Downloads.

Read the .pdf instruction guide (if you haven't already) before you perform the update.