Jan 14, 2007
First off here are my specs:

Intel Core 2 Extreme QX6850
Abit IN9 32X-MAX
Antec P190 Case
Neo-Link 1200 Watt dual power supply system
OCZ 4GB(2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR2 800 (PC2 6400) Dual Chennel
BFG Geforce 7800 GT SLI Mode
2 WD 250GB SATA Drives in RAID 0 Configuration
Vista 64

I'm having several strange problems and I'm not sure if it is motherboard related or case related and was hoping someone may have some suggestions.

1) Got the motherboard and processor all hooked up and couldn't get it to post. Finally figured out that I needed to upgrade BIOS. So upgraded the BIOS and was able to get into it to setup the system which is where my first problem started. Each and every time I exit the BIOS my system halts completely. No error or anything on post at this point. Then I boot up and get an anoying 9.9. post code which says something about complete system shutdown. After clearing CMOS and waiting 10 minutes I was able to boot again and begin installing Vista64.

At this point everything appears ok... oh but wait there is more!

2) Vista64 reboots as expected (oh and did I mention that it detected the raid configuration with no extra drivers needed !!! one little success) and then the system halts as it did before exiting BIOS. So I go through the same process above of clearing CMOS and waiting 10 mins and restart. Well to make this long story short I finally get Vista and the computer up and running and all seems right with the world... oh but wait there is more.

3) Well since I got it running I thought gee, maybe I could OC this a bit instead of just accepting the BIOS defaults (pushing my luck way too far I realized). So I reboot... zoikes pesky system halt is still there. Go through same process as above and get it to boot up... going past the post screen... don't forget to hit Del to enter BIOS... DAMN distracted by the wife and so I hit CTRL-ALT-DEL to start reboot again and to my shock this also completely HALTS THE SYSTEM!!! So I go through the same process above, but this time I can't seem to get it to boot past the pesky 9.9. post code.

So at this point I'm stuck and can't seem to get any combination of tricks to work. Abit tech support suggested I up the memory voltage higher than the default 1.85v since OCZ runs around 2.0v but since I can't get into the BIOS anymore that doesn't seem like a viable option. They also suggested try a new PSU which since the case is new I didn't try yet. Any suggestions from the smart folks on this forum would be most welcome.


Sep 20, 2007
:fou: Having a simlar problem with the same M/B. When I press DEL to get in to bios is the screen goes blank just a "-" in the top left of screen, my Vendor thinks the M/B is faulty and as asked to be bring it back tommorow for them to test.

On the start up screen the ram timings are wrong 4-4-4-12 but my RAM is rated at 4-4-4-14, but I cant change it beause I cant get into the bios !!