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Problem when phone is connected to laptop with an USB


Apr 5, 2020
So my issue is the following:
When I connect my smartphone to my laptop, it is behaving pretty strange - and I mean, the touchpad. For example, if I try to enter some letters of my password, or if I try to enable USB tethering, it may enter another symbol, enter something ridicilous or even do completely the reverse of what I am trying to do - like trying to enter 'alex', but instead 'sdsc' goes in the screen, thus being extremely annoying sometimes.
At the same time, when I connect the phone to any personal (non-laptop) computer, it never behaves like that. I don't have another laptop to try on.
Windows is 7 x64 Ultimate, android is 5.1. I couldn't install a newer Android version, I dunno if this can cause it.
No malware detected on my devices.

So I am open for suggestions - it makes me so mad, that sometimes I am close to crushing my phone. Thx!

Smartphone is some years old LYO-L21 from Huawei, 16 gb storage, 2 gb ram, 1280x720 resolution
Laptop is with CPU Intel Core2 Duo T7400(2-core, 2,17 GHz, 4 MB cache), 3,24 GB system ram ddr2-667 Transcend kit, and all latest drivers possible installed (tried with older drivers, too - no difference). HDD is 5400k rpm-80 GB.