Question Problem with a DeepCool 350 RGB kit

Oct 13, 2019
Hello! I have recently acquired a DeepCool 350 RGB kit for my computer and im experiencing some problems with it. Just to sum it up the 2 LED bands are meant to go in this little box and from that little box theres a cable that turns into a molex so i can hook it up to my PSU. The problem is, whatever the bands wont turn on. I have to mention that i do know for a fact that the bands work because i have a regular LED band that hooks up to a regular power plug and i tested them and they work. At first i thought that i maybe got a factory broken produce but then i returned it and got a new one but i have the exact same problem.I do know for a fact that the molex cable that comes out from my psu works because i even tried hooking up the LED connector in a molex that the fans are usually in and that work all the time. I also got a tool to check if theres and power signal and every part of the system shows me that theres power going through it. From the PSU to the the little box from the little box to the band. Still nothing.