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Question Problem with Aorus 1080Ti Fan Speed.

Jun 9, 2020
I have the Gigabyte GTX 1080ti OC 11Gb GPU and I've been having the following problem with its fans:

Once they get going after the minimum threshold (50DegC) they do not stop.

I've tried to use HWMonitor, Speedfan, MSI AfterBurner and Gigabyte's EXTREME software(one by one) to set the fan speed curve. They do turn on the fans when I want.

If I fix the speed to 5% they seem to go immediately to 100% and sound like a lawn blower. I can't seem to make it revert back to 0% at all, only by restarting the PC. Temperature is FINE but the fans wont stop!

The problem is they do not decelerate. Even if I fix the speed to 0 rpm manually they do not stop.
What I've seen is that none of the programs I've tried seem to detect the fan speed. It is always 0rpm.

Ive already tried reseating and cleaning the gpu, updating the driver, and updating my motherboards BIOS to no avail.

Any ideas?