Problem with bios or windows vista unknown on startup


Nov 13, 2012
i have this issue with my new galaxy 670 4gb, so i tended to find a solution. the issue was that my mobo only supports pcie 1.X 16x, then i found that maybe in my head upgrading the processor or mem to ddr3 would solve something. so i looked into it. found a similar case where turning off the TLB patch to my 9500 phenom would give me an increase of at least 10 fps so i did find the solution but it's only the TLB 1.2 (turns the patch of till os restart). well with that all said i wanted a permanent fix. found a vid on the internet that said to run it as a scheduled task so i did but instead of his instructions of at log in i did it for at start up, funny thing my task scheduler kept saying that the task scheduler tampered with or modified. none the less it was and seemed to run smoothly so in return nothing the processor didn't activate to full speed. so i tried it at log in and no it didn't start. manually was the key,(i had to start it on my own at log in. i like my screen off to load my pc takes 4 min) but before i had tried the last step i lost my bios intro. no starting windows logo. the only picture i get out of it is a black screen. tells me its 1920x1080 60p, but when the courser is on the screen it comes back, bingo picture. i'm using a asrock n68c-s ucc mobo wondering if i should reset the cmos or would that cause more fuss and damage. help asap i bet i can load bios, safe mode etc. like windows start up repair with i love dearly and kill for it, but to get there i don't know whats going on my screen is blank. thank god it's not the black screen of death still works just my few moments before the Os don"t
thank you for your time LOVE, PEACE, AND HAIR GREASE


Try again and use sentences. Pretty much nothing you put in makes sense the way you wrote it.

From what I came make out, you have no display and want to reset the BIOS. Do that, won't hurt anything.

If the motherboard does not support your video card, upgrading CPU or RAM won't do anything. If the motherboard is DDR2 you can't "upgrade" it to DDR3. The best you can do is update the BIOS to see if it gives you more support for PCIe devices.


Jul 11, 2012
The video card requires 6-PIN and an 8-PIN POWER connector so that means you'd need about an 850 watt power supply unit to get those cables. If you do not connect both connectors, you will not get the proper or adequate video output.

In the link review, they used a 1200 WATT PSU on a high powered Asus motherboard.

This type of card would perform best with a better motherboard and Windows 7 64 bit ( or Windows 8, maybe).

If it takes 4 minutes to boot up then your system is not performing at its best and you could have hard drive errors or even a full disk, you need about 15% to 25% free space for a decent quick boot. Your ram should be at least 8gb and not mixed brands.

You don't specify what game you are playing to increase fps, some older games cannot sustain extra high frames per second on a high resolution.

Rather than taking chances with a patch at start up, it might be best to clean up your system, defrag scan disk and check game sites for the actual requirements of certain games.

Give your rig specs for a more comprehensive report and reply.