Problem with computer turning on.......sometimes


Nov 23, 2011
cant get computer to come on. i have a switch in back and then a power button in front. i hit the switch in back and motherboard lights up keyboard lights up mouse lights up but when i hit power button...nothing. and this is an intermittent problem. before i would hit switch in back then power button in front and it would come on for a second then shut down and nothing. i hit switch in back off then on again and try again sometimes up to ten times before computer comes on and stays on. its not the power button in front already replaced that. my motherboard is a abit kv8 pro and the little led readout on it comes on and goes from 1 to a F when this problem arises.......any ideas. like i said its a kv8 pro motherboard with a amd 64 3200 processor a ati 9200 se video card a dynex dx-ps500 watt power supply forgive if im off base on what im saying i dont really know about all this stuff so any help with be much appreciated. thanx in advance for ur help