Question Problem with Cosmos C700M (RGB can´t sync with MOBA)


May 2, 2019
Hi! after a lot research i cannot solve this problem. I got the case Cosmos C700M that comes with a controller inside, my problem is that i cannot sync the rgb of the controller to my motherboard ( i got the Z390 Aorus Extreme ) but its pretty rare because i can controll the rgb of the case with the buttons on the case but not with RGB Fusion. The controller rgb connector is connected to D_LED1 in the motherboard and connectede to DLED_V_SW1 but i can´t controll the rgb with the motherboard software RGB Fusion.
This is the way i connected the rgb connector ( here is the manual of my motherboard and my case: and )
here are some photos in the way i connected the RGB connector of the controller. (see photos below )
Also i cannot connect directly the RGB connector of the case directly to the MOBA because they got this type of connector ( see image below )
this is an image of the controller connected
Im missing something? or the funcionality of the controller is to control the RGB of the case wih the buttons of the case and not with the MOBA?
pd: srry for my bad english though