Question Problem with Cracking Sound

Aug 16, 2022
Hello guys,
so my studio monitors are making some weird sound as soon as I am turning on my pc. it seems like the cracking sound is intensiving if I add multiple tasks. especially with browsing. this issue only appears on one audio device. I already checked a bunch of stuff like: new driver, different sample rate, different Hz rate, different usbs inputs (2.0 and 3.0), different power supply, reinstalled windows, positioning of monitors.
I tried to narrow down the problem: speakers should be fine cause I tried them on different systems and seems to be working fine (no groundloop problem); audio interface too when connection to other pc (laptop) there is no problem, the same for cable.
I am running out of idears. maybe you have some?

specs custom build PC:
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X
AMD Radeon RX 5700
AS Rock B450M Pro4
Kingston SA400S37960G
Kingston SA400S37940G
Samsung SSD 980 250 GB
ST1000DM003-1SB102 1TB
Win 10 Home | 10.0.19044 | 64x
BIOS American Megatrends Inc. P5.30, 04.08.2021
Crosair Venegeance LPX 16gb (2X8gb) DDR4 3200Mhz C16 XMP
audio devices:
steinberg ur22mkII (driver: 44.1 khz, 512 Samples, V2.1.1)
JBL Professionals lsr 305 (active monitors)

P.S.: all drivers are up to date; cpu is not overloaded when used; audio example


The CPU is only one of many resources.

But I will start by first asking about the PSU: make, model, wattage, age, condition (original to build, new, refurbished, used). History of heavy usage for gaming, video editing, or even bit-mining?

Boot up and open either Task Manager or Resource Monitor. Use both but only one at a time.

Start with as few apps, utilities, etc. as possible being run at startup.

Observe what all is running, what resources are being used, to what extent ( % ), and what is using any given resource.

Then start adding multiple tasks but only one task at a time along with allowing time between task additions.

Watch for what occurs when the crackling sound first appears or becomes more intense.

Crackling is, in my mind anyway, electrical in nature, and could be the result of some component being overloaded or in some process of failing.

= = = =

Do be sure that all data is backed up at least 2 x to locations off of the problem build. Verify that the backups are recoverable and readable.

Just in case there is some catastrophic failure pending. And not "if" in nature but "when".