Question Problem with dell dimension 4100

Apr 11, 2019
Hello all,
Recently I found my old computer in my basement and decided to play some old pc games on it. It runs windows me and I thought it would boot up fine. However, whenever I boot up the computer I get an error which reads: “Error: NaV Auto-Protect is unable to start! SYMEVNT.386 is not loaded. You may need to reinstall Norton Antivirus to correct the problem.” Ok, so no problem right? Just reinstall norton antivirus. I tried to do a step by step confirmation boot, and disable the auto protect option. That worked, but after a minute or so, the computer kicks me out and sends me back to the error screen. Any idea how to fix this? Any ideas are appreciated.
My immediate thought is that although Windows ME may have supported Norton AV at one time Windows ME is very unlikely to support any current versions of Norton AV.

Either Windows ME or Norton AV is looking for something that no longer exists. In the case at hand my understanding is that Norton is looking for a file that is not present or otherwise available with respect to Windows ME.

Or that file, even if named SYMEVENT.386, is not going to run in a Windows ME environment.

You may have resolved one immediate issue and now issue #2 (whatever that may be) is now in the way.

All that I can of, at the moment, is that you will need a very old version of Norton that will satisfy and work with Windows ME.

Either way, even once up and running, you may actually end up with little or no AV protection.

If you are just playing old games and are not online - skip the AV.