Question Problem with detecting 2nd monitor


Aug 29, 2016

After many years I finally build my own computer, giving all my love to it while putting it together, piece by piece. But now I have a problem with my 2nd monitor.

So, up until now, my setup was Dell Gaming Inspiron laptop. I used it like my 2nd monitor, while my primary was my 6 years old 22" LG monitor with only VGA on the back. To connect the monitor I used a HDMI to VGA adapter, to which I connected my VGA cable and then to monitor. And it worked fine for years.

After building my new PC, with Ryzen 5 3600 and Gigabyte GTX1660Super, I connected my new AOC monitor via DP. Installed Windows, done some basic setup, etc... Now I wanted to install my old LG monitor to use it like 2nd(I'm also a programmer and while programming having 2 monitors is very useful), basically the same way like it was on my laptop, but I'm not getting any signal to it.

I tried forcing Windows to find it, updating both Windows and GPU drivers, connect only the old monitor, test if the monitor still works on laptop(it does).

Few things that I found on internet about it. Maybe there could be a problem if the adapter is passive not active(which I think my is an active one, on it is only manufacturer logo but looks like an active ones on Amazon). And if it is the problem in the adapter, if I understand it right HDMI port on the GPU is not getting the handshake signal from the monitor so it is just turing it off.

Does anybody know if this is possible to fix with a software solution? Or any other solution apart from the obvious(live with 1 monitor, buy a new second monitor, etc...) Please help. I just want my 2nd monitor to work :]