Question Problem With Disk Spiking Usage

Apr 21, 2020
hey, my disk on task manager has been doing this alot recently and it has caused my computer to be so slow in general and its so annoying.. basically im just on my computer - and im looking at my disk drive on task manager. every like 10 seconds it goes from like 5% usage and like 3 ms response time, too like 90% usage and like 250 ms response time (im looking at the performance tab in task manager)

also, ive been having this problem where my disk usage is like at 100% always because a process called "System" using like all of it..

also sometimes my disk will be at like 0-40% for a good like 30 minutes then the system and spiking things will come back,, and it will go right back too like 85-100%

are there like any fixes for this? my pc feels like 10x slower

my pc specs:

intel core i7 2600
gtx 1050ti
1tb hdd
8gb ram
optiplex 390
0m5dcd board
cx450 psu


If the disk usage is constantly at 90% or higher when in idle then you have what is known as a memory leak, this issue also entangles the ram and CPU where they might run at 100% even when idle(individually or all in tandem).

What version of Windows 10 are you on? Also how old is that PSU? Make sure you're on the latest BIOS update for your motherboard.
Apr 21, 2020
no, it doesnt run at 90% or higher on idle, only like when im browsing it will spike up because of "system", and when im playing games my cpu, gpu, and ram are always low except my disk which is the problem here. lets say i have google open - and i want too open my settings on windows 10 - sometimes it will go up too 100% or sometimes it just stays on what its at, its like a gamble <Mod Edit> like bipolar or smething..

im on version 2004, the psu is fairly new got it in like march, and i am on the latest bios.

my disk usage is either at like 5% or like 90%, its only low or high
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