Problem with graphic card HD 5670


Jun 29, 2011
My specs:
Motherboard: M2NE-SLI
Processor: AMD Athlon Dual Core 4200+
Ram memory: 3Gb
Power Supply: Codegen 400W

And now...My problem is whenever i try to start some game my computer freezes. Before this graphic card i used nVidia 9800gt and every game worked fine, there wasnt any problem until it stopped working, green lines over monitor etc... so i bought hd5670. Now anyone knows what should i do to make this card work? maybe uncompatibility with motherboard? Hope to get answers soon. Thank you

the performance difference are minimal so i believe he won't notice much difference in performance compared to his dead 9800GT

i believe so.

i believe most 400w-500w generic power supply should be able to power up card without any 6 pin power connector. but from from my personal experience most my generic power supply never survive a full year before they start showing broken symptom such as random shutdown when playing games. though it may look his PSU able to power up his previous card just fine but there is a chance his power supply start to fail if he really use it for quite some time already. just my 2 cents :)

i know that too. but my point is about generic PSU. though they can power up the system properly but they are quick to die. still remember one of my generic PSU having problem to boot up my PC from time to time with HD4550 in it


Mar 27, 2011

Make sure your mobo BIOS up to-date, If not you can get it here: ( M2N-E-SLI 1301 BIOS
Fixed it takes long time to check ATI EAH 5570 VGA card )

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