Question Problem with internet connection disconnect after a while


Dec 17, 2016
Computer details :

Self built
ASrock b450 pro4 motherboard
Windows 10
Corsair cx650 PSU

Problem, context and details :

After differing amounts of time ( sometimes multiple hours, sometimes 30 minutes or so ) my computer loses its internet connection and will not regain it until i shutdown and start it again

problems started at the same time as my old power supply making a loud buzzing noise on startup (I switched out the old power supply and the buzzing is gone at the time of writing this message)

Often at the same time the internet gets disconnected, my motherboard's ethernet adapter is disabled when i look in the pc's settings, enabling it again does not work (i click enable from the right-click menu but it won't change its status) until i shut down and start up the pc again, after which it will enable and 9 times out of 10 i have connection again

Things i have tried or checked :

i took out the ethernet cable to see if it would reconnect after plugging it in again.
i turned off the router for a few minutes
Scanned for malware and other possible problems, none was found.
i checked windows file integrity , (but did not perform a windows repair from usb ) but no problems were found in the file integrity at first sight
I checked for updates for the adapter and reset the network settings
I reset BIOS to factory settings from the BIOS menu (not trough the CMOS battery)

Off course i checked this forum and other forums to try out all possible fixes

my only two ideas i have left is to format and reinstall windows, if it's a software problem
if it's not, i guess my motherboard is faulty, however, is it possible it's my motherboard's ethernet adapter when the problem is fixed everytime i restart the PC?

If someone knowledgeable or who recognizes the problem could chime in that would be greatly appreciated

Thank you