Question Problem with my AOC 27G2G3

Nov 15, 2021
Hello everyone.
I have been having a new issue with my computer.
Specifically when I turn on my computer I have these weird artifacts that show up during the booting phase that quickly disappear.
This hasn't caused me any problems yet but I am curious as to why it's happening and if it's a sign of something bad about to happen.
More details regarding the situation: I have been having this issue for the last 1-2 weeks, ever since I changed my monitor. I thought that it was definitely
the monitor as it would make sense considering the timing. So I tested the monitor on my laptop (with HDMI). Nothing. No artifacts. I tried it a few times because I was perplexed but
nothing. I go back to my computer, the same thing happens. I try different display ports to see if one of the display ports is damaged, nothing.
I should note now that this problem only happens when I turn on my computer, if I restart it (no matter how many times I do it), there are no artifacts at all.

Forgive me but the link above was the only way for me to upload a picture at the moment.

Has anyone encountered this issue / solved this?

Update!: After searching more for this issue and testing different things on my own I was able to find the issue. The Display Port cable was faulty. Tried a different cable and everything went back to normal. Hope this helps someone one day x)
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