Problem with my CPU


May 11, 2005
I have a problem here. I left home and i put my computer on..when i arrived the power was off. I turned on the computer and a message appeared before it went to windows. The error was: "Searching for boot record: OK"
After i see the error the computer freezes and it won't start. The same error appears after time and after time an d since friday the computer doesnt go to windows. Can anyone help me solve this problem? i didn't want to format my hdd. Thanks
i get that message and freeze when i oc'd my old socket7 (amd K6-2 500) system - when the cpu was pushed too far it would post and get past the bios and find the boot record then just stop - but that doesnt mean your system is oc's too far tho, could be component failure? id check that your hdd or windows install hasnt bailed out first. On the other hand if your system is overclocked or your bios is "tweaked" check your settings first.


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You might have a corrupt file that can be replaced by doing a repair installation of Windows, without loosing anything that's on the drive.

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Quick hdd check, put an old win98 floppy in. If it boots to that, without problem, enable SMART, and check your hdd.If it passes the floppy test, and your hdd passes as well, you may have been hacked, or you may have a virus.