Question Problem with my laptop and randomly dropping frames.


Mar 25, 2015
This has been a problem for a while now but i usually just lowered my settings even more to deal with it, but i tried to find the problem recently and i think i found it.
I have a dell inspiron 15 7000 laptop, and it does this weird thing where every minute or so it drops frames heavily (like down to 20 fps from a completely stable 60). I checked my task manager and every time this frame dip seems to happen the integrated graphics usage spikes up way higher than normal. I've already tried to go into nvidia control panel and make it so apex (the game i've been playing recently where this issue happens) only uses the dedicated 1050ti, but this didn't work and I still have the same issues. I even tried disabling integrated graphics entirely but that created even more problems.

I really need help on this I've tried a bunch of things and nothing has worked. Literally the only way it doesn't happen is if I turn my in-game resolution down to way below 1080p, and I know my gpu can handle more than that.
Thanks for any recommendations!