Problem with my newly built pc


Aug 31, 2012
I built my first pc about 2 weeks ago.
spec: i7 3700k/gtx 670/16g ram...etc

I use ethernet cable and use google chrome. I notice that there was this slow loading time whenever I use internet.
This started from day 1. Whenever I open Google chrome, there's this loading sign for like 5 sec. But when it's fast, it loads instantly. Whenever I use internet, I don't know why but there's always this slow loading and I mean very slow loading. When I click on something, all I can see is loading sign and the page just freezes.

I know my internet is not a problem because whenever I connect the ethernet cable to my laptop, it's super fast without no lag whatsoever. I tested the speed and it was about 23mb/s.

Any idea what I have to do? I was just using my desktop to write this but it froze up so I'm using my laptop (wireless) to finish it off.

Would pci express help? Any help would be highly appreciated!