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Question Problem with new graphics card

Apr 24, 2020
Hi, I bought a new PC in december which uses a AMD Ryzen 3400G and today I was upgrading it by putting a AMD radeon rx 580 and putting in a new PSU in which is a EVGA 600W psu (going up from 400W), I changed the PSU over and booted to BIOS and then installed the GPU and again booted to BIOS which displayed on my monitor. I then took it from my front room to my room which is no more than 50m not upstairs or anything. This is where the problems happened, I put everything back into it and it wouldnt display anything onto either screen.

I checked to see if the fans on the GPU were working and they were do i turned it off and on again in which my second screen displayed it booting after another round of turning it of and on again it wouldn't display anything at all. Ive tried multiple things including: Using onboard grpahics, taking out any monitor (which produced a long and 2 short beeps which is apperantly a memory problem, re seating everything other than CPU, taking out and putting back in the MB battery and also trying my old PSU with onboard graphics and nothing has worked in displaying anything. All fans are working and all motherboard lights are but the keyboard rgb will only flash when it gets powered up then wont turn on, any help would be appreciated.