Problem with new laptop display?


Jun 11, 2011
Hey, I recently bought a new laptop, the P150HM from, and since I got it about 5-6 days ago, I've been having an issue with the screen. My screen is a glossy 1920x1080 resolution screen. The problem is, there is a circular patch of pixels which are lighter in color than all the rest. I've tried using programs such as jscreenfix, but they don't seem to help(I thought they were maybe stuck pixels). I was recommended by Malibal to apply pressure with a finger which also didn't work! The patch is only visible on lower viewing angles, probably 95 degrees or lower(closing the screen more = more visible), and is VERY annoying in dark areas; I play video games so it's quite visible. Anyone have any ideas on what this could be or how to fix it? I've contacted the company multiple times and so far it's a toss between stuck pixels, backlight bleeding, or their least helpful, a scuff mark.
Here's a picture (Sorry it's not very good, my camera is bad!)

Also, I didn't know what to select for a sub category, there's nothing that really matches this...