Question Problem with new LCD monitor and flickering blue dots ?


Apr 2, 2016
Hi, I just bought a new samsung lcd screen this morning. I've plugged it into my laptop and I get a weird thing where blue flickering dots appear. I was wondering if this is the monitor/settings or hdmi cord. If I take a screenshot it displays perfectly on other displays and doesn't capture the dots. These can appear as an outline over an image or more like a fill color in others. If it appears on an image in a window and if I move the window it moves the flickering blue dots with the image, it doesn't stay in the same spot, I thought maybe it can't display a certain color correctly or something.

So here is the original image of my desktop and how it displays:

And here is how it displays on my new screen: (sorry for quality had to use my phone)

They appear as solid blue in the pictures but on my screen they are actually flickering. Not sure if it's something I can fix or if I should take it back.
Thanks for any help