Aug 23, 2013
Hello. It's been a while since I posted but I have recently ran into a problem that just has me lost. I have a Dell 9570 with the GTX 1050 TI MaxQ. This morning I was greeted by boot loops and nothing seemed to prevail so I pulled out a stick of ram and tried running one stick. The system luckily started. However, when I go into device manager there's a little triagle next to the GTX 1050 and a code 43. So I go and do a full uninstall of the device and the drivers. I go to reinstall with the latest driver from Nvidia's site and the system crashes with either VIDEO_TDL_FAILURE or PAGE_FAULT_I_NONPAGE_AREA with the reason for the crash being nvlddmkm.sys. So I thought I'd play smart and open up safe mode. In safe mode, I installed the proper drivers from Nvidia's site and rebooted. I am then greeted by boot loops again and the screen going black. So I boot back into safe mode and uninstall the graphics card again and reboot the system. Again, the laptop works perfectly but the graphics card reports the same code 43 and I can't install any drivers.

This seemed to have happened only a few days after the windows update tried and failed to install the 12/10 update to the drivers. When in safe mode a driver dated 12/10 gets installed, however when the system isn't in safe mode a driver dated 7/5 is installed with the same code 43 error.

I know this is a lot and a weird problem but any insight couldn't hurt.