Problem with OC Q6600


Oct 7, 2008
hi all i have OC my q6600 to 3.0ghz on my board gigabyteGA-P35-DS3L ..with x9 multiplier and system memory multiplier 2.00 ..everything was well either with games or software but with cold boot meaning after 24 hrs or less reboot everything goes back to previous 2.4ghz ..its doesnt happen with frequent startups only cold boot ..i have tried putting voltage to auto and same happend , i tried increasing voltage gradualy even to 1.4 and same happend ..during restart it startup windows always stops at the word memory and then restart again memory is at 1:1 ratio and i put the DDR overvoltage control at +0.2 v
thanx for your help in advance
Test for errors with Prime95.
Overclock separately your CPU checking temperatures, increasing voltage if necessary but not over 10%. Test for errors with Prime95. Then overclock your memory to the limit. Test for errors with memtest86+.
Then combine them and test for errors again. Run about 4-24 hours.