Question Problem with playing Warzone 2 - sluggish slow frames - 64gb ram, ryzen 9 5900x , geforce rtx 3070 ti

May 24, 2023
Hi Guys

I've been struggling really badly to get Warzone 2.0 to run smoothly on my pc. Warzone 1 is crazy good with fast frames up 190ffps but on wz2 it's about 60 - 90 but up and down and the graphics aren't that great.

I'm not a pc expert but i use if for 4k video editing and it's great for that so i can't see why wz2 its struggling - it's OC at 4.5ghz at the mo so I can't understand what's going on. There must be an issue with a setting somewhere but it's beyond me, anybody that can help will be amazing, below is my user benchmark score:

Cheers guys