Problem with power supply.


Jun 7, 2012

I am having problems when playing video games. I am constantly getting black screen when playing more demanding games ( Crysis, Crysis 2, Metro 2033, Shogun 2: Total War etc. ). Black screen occurs randomly, after 1 minute or after 20 minutes, but sound can still be heard. Could it be inadequete power supply?

Graphic card:
- Gigabyte Radeon 6870

Power Supply:
* LC6650GP3
* +3,3V -- 28A
* +5V -- 30A
* +12V1 -- 25A
* +12V2 -- 27A
* - 12 -- 0,8A
* +5VSB -- 3A
The combined 12V1 and 12V2 has a max output of 550W (45.8A). If you're PSU is delivering it's rated power, then it more than enough for your PC even with significant OCs on the CPU/GPU. A system with a single HD6870 requires a 500W PSU with at least 32A on the 12v rails and two 75W 6-pin PCIe power connectors.

Some questions for you:
1. What are the rest of your system specs?
2. Are you OCing the CPU or GPU?
3. Have you monitored the voltages? If yes, then are they within +-5% of the rated rail voltages under load or while gaming?
3.3V: 3.135 - 3.465
5V: 4.75 - 5.25
12V: 11.4 - 12.6
4. Have you checked the system event log to see what errors you are receiving?
5. Are you simply losing video or is the system shutting down or rebooting?
6. Are you using the most recent video drivers?
7. Did you make any system changes, hardware or software, prior to starting to receive the loss of video errors you're experiencing?
8. Are you getting the same types of loss of video during stress testing of the system? (i.e. running Prime95, Furmark, or both)


Jun 7, 2012
Thank you for your reply.

1. Intel i3-2120 3,30 Ghz---8 gb DDR3---Windows 7 64---Asrock H61M-HVS.
2. Not overclocked.
3. I did not monitor them. What program do you suggest for such task?
4. When blackscreen occurs shutting down power supply, manually, is only option. ( Restart button does not work ).
5. Losing video. Complete black screen.
6. Yes. All drivers are updated. I did fresh installation of Windows too.
7. No.
8. Yes. Black screen problem occurs in Furmark after view minutes.

Your motherboard has a utility for monitoring your system: AXTU All in one Tuning software. If you can't find your mob disk then you can download from Asrock.

Check your system event log and see what errors you are receiving when your system locks up. To check for errors in the system event log:
- Click the Start button .
- In the Search box, type Event Viewer and hit enter
- In the list of results, double-click Event Viewer.
- Look for errors around the time that your system locked up.

First let's check your system event log for errors; let us know any errors and Google your error results. After that run a stress test on the system and monitor voltages (log them if your software has that functionality). AXTU can also monitor temps in your system so go ahead and record them, too.


Jun 7, 2012
Sorry for delayed reply.

Temperatures in AXTU program are fine.

Error reports:

1. //./root/CIMV2
SELECT * FROM __InstanceModificationEvent WITHIN 60 WHERE TargetInstance ISA "Win32_Processor" AND TargetInstance.LoadPercentage > 99

Any further help will be greatly appreciated.
At this point it looks like the mobo, PSU, or potentially the GPU. Can you borrow a PSU from a friend and test it in your PC? Test your GPU in another PC?

If you can still return the PSU and get a better quality PSU, then I would do that for peace of mind. The PSU is the heart of every PC and is the one thing you shouldn't skimp on. There's no guarantee that this will fix your problem, but It's as good a bet as anything else at this point. Do you have a list of PSUs that are available or a website we can browse to make PSU recommendations?


Jun 7, 2012
Yep, I have warranty for all these components.

Um, I have already ordered be quiet! Pure Power L8 CM 630W. It is recommended by Ati/Amd for my graphic card. Received nice reviews too.

It should arrive in 10 - 14 days. Until then I will play some old games to kill the time.

Hope this fixes my problem.

Thank you for your time and help, Rugger.