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May 24, 2020

So i recently upgraded from ryzen 5 1400 to ryzen 5 3600. My motherboard is Asrock ab350m pro4 and bios version is p6.40
When i had Ryzen 5 1400 installed i was able to overclock my ram to 2933mhz with 1.35 voltage, but now if i oc it to 2933mhz it wont boot to windows or i get bsod.
Then i tried 2666mhz 1.30 voltage (1.35 voltage didnt boot) but with 1.30 voltage i was able to get to windows and play games a little but everytime i play like 20-30 minutes the games crash.

The ram im using is G.skill flare x 2400mhz cl16.
Hey there,

Is there a question in there somewhere? :)

In terms of the mem overclock. That's always a bit hit and miss. What are you setting with the OC?. Only speed and voltage, everything else on auto? (I mean auto for timings).

Have you tested the DIMMS at stock with memtest86+ to ensure they work well? Maybe try that and see if it throws up errors. You could also test them at 2666 and see if they are stable outside of windows.
well, tbh, first gen am4 mobos were mostly not compatible with anything at higher clock (unless u got samsung B die or x370 with daisy chain topology), your mainboard doesnt even have QVL mem list for ryzen 3000, and 2000 ryzen has very few 3200MHZ sticks validated...that kinda tells something

so gettin overclock on this board is one big unknown territory, as most vendors resolved ram issues (mainboard traces) with 400/500 series boards (even on cheap boards)

well as far as i remember 4layered a320/b350 mobos didnt had much luck with 3200MHz
they toped out around 2933/3066MHz

anyway, R5 1400 vs R5 3600 means different memory controller, so what worked before may not work anymore, some more tweaking is needed

u can try different bios versions (but keep it compatible with 3000 series), as those different version may have better overclocking with your sticks (different agesa version)
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